“As a new personal lines insurance broker, I took Ehsan’s broker and sales training programs and I must admit that how he trained me was truly remarkable.
Training was to the point, focused without wasting any time on irrelevant or unnecessary topics.

Ehsan taught me the entire sales process step by step starting from greeting a prospect, client selection, interaction, quoting, qualifying, upselling, cross-selling,
closing the sale and post sale steps to secure the sale.
I was surprised to know how our body language and listening skills play a vital role in the entire sales process even if we are selling over the phone.

After completing the sales program, I started to practice the techniques shown in the course and my closing ratio started to increase gradually. Within 3 months,
my average sales closing rate jumped from 30 % to 60%. I started to generate most of my new business through referrals, all good quality, paying clients
and my sales revenue more than doubled in the last year.

I am giving this course a five star rating and highly recommend it to all General Insurance brokers especially to new brokers who want to grow their book
of business and have a successful career.”

Vipan Gupta
General Insurance Broker
Calgary, Alberta



Do you want to double or triple your sales closing ratio without breaking a sweat?

I know, it sounds unbelievable in insurance business, but it is possible. If you qualify your prospect properly, and adopt the right sales techniques from the start, successful closing is the natural outcome. 

Let me ask you few questions first, please answer them with complete honesty.

Do you have hard time closing the sale.? What is your current closing percentage?

Are you struggling from month to month, and feel depressed looking at your commission cheque?

Is there an invisible revolving door installed in your business from where fewer new clients walk in but more clients leave?

You are not getting any referrals from existing clients, even though you ask for them and you are spending thousands of dollars on direct marketing, brochures, advertisement etc. with NO results.

Are you price focused and every time you do an insurance quote, your prospect tells you “it’s too expensive”.

Are you losing prospects to your competition because you couldn’t figure out what they actually want or need?

If answer to one or more of the above questions, comes back as YES, then you have a serious problem. You need to address these issues ASAP or you will lose your business and your career.

Start enjoying the lifestyle you always wanted for yourself and your family.


Turn around your current situation so you can start living the life of your dreams FREE of credit card debts and loans.

I will show you how to achieve all this and more in a short period of time.

No shortcuts or get rich quick scheme, just the right approach. Patiently and consistently practicing the step by step process to become a professional sales expert, who can face any challenging situation with great ease and comfort.

You can face and repel any objection thrown at you to successfully close the sale most of the time, without getting nervous, panicked or having a knot in your stomach.


This Insurance sales mastery program is especially designed for General Insurance Brokers & agents, who are struggling to attract new clients and to achieve their sales targets.

If you are self employed or a new General Insurance Broker and trying hard to grow your book of business OR if you are an employee and you are not achieving your sales targets , this program is ideal for you.

“I will show you with my proven sales techniques and system that you can easily overcome these challenges by using the proven system and the right approach towards your prospects, without being too pushy, salesy or looking desperate for sales.

You don’t have to bend over backwards, cut corners or bend the rules to get the sale”



During my 25 plus years of sales experience, I have attended hundreds of sales training courses, seminars, webinars and spent thousands of hours reading and researching the sales books, articles and research papers on behavioral economics, sales psychology and body language etc.

In my experience, 99% of the material or sales books available in the market today are based on tangible products. Most of the sales writers had a picture of physical product in their mind when they wrote those books. Although, some of those writers were very successful in their respective fields such as real estate, car sales, or other retail products but they were not an Insurance broker and that’s why most of these sales books does not help insurance brokers in their sales careers.

As you know Insurance sales and especially home, auto, business or commercial insurance products are the one of the most difficult products to sell, due to their intangible nature, technical wordings and limitations etc. If you don’t know how to approach your prospects and how to present these products, you will never be able to make it as a successful broker or agent.

You should join this Insurance Sales Mastery Program if;

You are struggling to close the sale, achieving your monthly sales targets and living on minimum commission or salary cheques.

I will help you to understand the sales process, from start to finish with in depth analysis of consumer behavior and psychology.

I will teach you my proven sales tips and techniques that I learned from my mentors for over 100 years of combined insurance sales experience including my own 25 years of retail and professional sales expertise.

After completing this training program you will not only able to close more sales, than ever, if you follow the instructions, but also convert your clients into your raving fans.

You will learn to become  a respectable, professional Broker or Agent, who offer his / her products with utmost professional dignity and authority. Your clients will trust you as a true professional and recommend others to you.



“It does not matter in the long run that how many policies you have written in one day or a month, what matters is how many of those clients are good, paying, loyal clients who will stay with you for years to come and how many are short term clients who are just using you to have an insurance slip in their pocket until they find their next victim. In the long run, It’s the quality of your business & clientele that saves your business, not the quantity.”


You will learn the step by step Insurance sales process, starting from greeting the prospect until closing the sale.

How to quickly differentiate between valuable potential buyers and casual, non-serious and potentially harmful prospects to your business.

How to determine the LifeTime Value ( LTV) of your prospects and your clients.

How to conduct sales interview, activate psychological and emotional triggers of your prospects to find out what they actually need and want to achieve.

How to open the sales with closing in mind.

What questions to ask and how to ask them.

How to confidently present yourself in a sales interview like a professional.

Read yours and prospect’s body language, how to interpret the fine signals to close the sale.

How to communicate effectively in person or on the phone and why you should never sell by email.

Identify your prospects conscious and subconscious objections and resistance points to eliminate them one by one.

How to present your product in few simple steps.

How to keep yourself updated with the market developments and your competition.

How to close the sale in a way that closing is the natural outcome of the sales process and prospect himself ask to close the sale.

How to upsell & cross-sell your insurance products smoothly in a way that is beneficial to your client.

Post sales steps to retain the client and turn them into loyal customers.

How to use your clients as your sales force for free.

Proper way for generating referrals and how you keep them coming.

And much more…


“You will learn practical, hands on techniques and systems that you will implement
right away in your job or business and double your sales without delay.”

This course is exclusively designed and prepared for general insurance brokers to serve their sales training needs. I guarantee you that if you follow the instructions in this course, you will not need another Insurance sales course for the rest of your life.

If you implement all the strategies discussed in the program, you will be;

More confident to interact with prospects and asking the right questions to qualify the prospects.

Become a professional sales expert in a short period of time.

Face any challenging sales situation and turn it into an opportunity.

You will be able to face sales objections from prospects with complete confidence and repel them to make a successful close.

Closing your sales at a much higher rate than before in a short period of time (depending upon how busy and how dedicated you are) by practicing the strategies discussed in the course you will become an expert closer in few months.

You will start implementing the techniques and systems learned in the program, without delay and start making money.

A professional broker who is trusted and respected by the clients.

Able to turn most of your prospects into loyal, paying clients for many years to come, until you retire.

Grow your book of business at a much rapid pace than before by taking strategic steps and actions discussed in the program.


2 full days of hands on, focused learning sessions, exploring the complete sales process from start to finish.

FREE MENTORSHIP: Personal & Exclusive post- training Mentorship with me, where I will take you under my wings, we can meet once a week, one on one, by phone, skype or in person, to discuss your personal sales challenges, questions, or concerns. 

Includes continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, supplies and study material.


Certificate of Achievement will be presented to each successful participant at the end of the training program.


For all of the above, your one life – time investment will be $1195.00 plus GST. 




This one life-time Investment will;

Multiply your sales volume to thousands of dollars in increased sales revenue, if you follow the instructions in the program.

Attract more new clients and retain old ones as your loyal clients.

Generate more business from referrals than advertising or marketing.

Make every sale like a piece of cake for you to handle,and no objections will be hard to handle.

Learn the art and skill to become a truly sales professional and enjoy a lifestyle of richness and success for yourself and your family, for life.


In order to make it a more interactive and focused learning experience, I have decided to accept MAX. 6 applicants for this course, at this time.

We select applicants very carefully. The application process is intended to select only the highly committed and motivated individuals for this program, so they can take maximum benefit out of it. This qualifying process saves us valuable time and energy, only to be spend on the right candidate suitable for this program.

If we end up having more than 6 qualified applicants, we will select them based on “first come first serve basis”. and rest of the approved applicants will be placed on a waitlist for the next session.