Know what you sell; Product Knowledge 

For new general insurance brokers, one of the biggest challenges is to learn and remember their products and coverages from

Adapt to change & Offer great value (Part 2) June 20, 2018

How we define value. Value is emotional not logical. Each individual has his/ her own standards, expectations, needs and wants to

It’s not what you sell, it’s whom you sell. (Part 1)

Most of the time, our focus is to close the sale before our competition gets it. All we want is

Why broker training & mentoring is crucial for success?

Becoming a general Insurance broker is relatively easier and quicker than any other professional career in Canada. We just have

AI- The 4th revolution, are we ready?

In human history, we have seen three major revolutions. Agricultural, Industrial and communication revolution which includes computers and internet. Now

Insurance system in Alberta, fix it please

History tells us when ever we mix politics with business, results are nothing but economic devastation and complete collapse of

Loyalty, we demand

We demand and expect loyalty in every segment of our lives. Whether it’s business or personal relationships, loyalty is a

Selling Solutions, not products

Most of the time we are too busy selling insurance products matching with client’s requests. A prospect ask us for

Emotional labour and Insurance Brokers

The concept of Emotional Labour was first researched & elaborated by famous American Sociologist Arlie Hochschild and discussed in her