“Before taking this course, I was struggling to communicate effectively with my clients and often got emotional and enter
into arguments with them. I didn’t know how to handle different clients accordingly. I started to lose clients very quickly,
but couldn’t figure out the real issues as I thought what I tell my clients is perfectly logical and sensible.

Ehsan’s Client Service course helped me to find out real issues with my client service from a different angle.
His teaching style was straightforward, practical but in a smooth and easy to understand manner. He identified the problematic
areas in my service and gave me a practical formula on how to address those issues.

I experienced some remarkable results after I started implementing the step by step process, I learned from the program.
Over the last year or so I have retained more than 90% clients and generated more than 50% business through referrals from existing clients.

I highly recommend this course to all general insurance brokers.”

Aarti Sharma
Insurance Advisor
Mount Royal Insurance
Calgary, Alberta



Discover the secrets of achieving 80-90% client retention and keep them with you until you retire.


Generate up to 60-70% of your new business from referrals of existing clients.


Imagine to have your business free of anxiety and stress of serving bad clients and instead focused on getting happy and paying clients who admire & appreciate your service.


Learn how to turn your loyal clients into your sales force and saving yourself thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns.

Let me ask you few questions first, please answer them with complete honesty.

Are you struggling to keep clients with you in the face of tough competition from call centres and banks?

Your client retention is a major concern which keeps you up at night and you can’t figure out how to stop your clients from leaving and turn them into happy & loyal clients.

Are you frustrated, tired and emotionally drained by getting constant complaints from your clients and trying hard to resolve their issues but still they are not happy with you?

Are you spending most of your valuable time and resources servicing your clients than generating new business or making new clients?

Do you feel that your colleagues or competitors are more successful and busier than you?

You are not sure how to address client complaints and how to approach your clients to establish mutual trust and confidence?

If answer to these questions comes back as “YES”, it means that you are at the brink of losing your job or business and you have to act now to fix these issues once and for all.

You see, great client service is the backbone of an Insurance business. Even if your sales revenue is high but if you have a revolving door in your business from where new clients walk in but old clients leave, you are toast.

You have to take action now to stop losing your clients to your competition, It’s now or never.

“Business is a game of margins, not volume.”

Dan Lok

In order to have a successful business or career, you MUST have repeat business and referrals from existing clients. If you don’t have loyal clients, who can buy multiple products from you, and refer good clients to you, you don’t have a business.


This client service training program is especially designed for new or newer General Insurance Brokers, agents and CSRs. If you are facing challenges in the areas of client retention, handling client complaints, generating referrals and not sure how to choose between good paying clients and clients who are sucking the life out of your business, this program is for you.


“Clients don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Damon Richards

The role of client service is extremely important in the growth of any business especially insurance. Prime responsibility of a client service representative is to help clients to the best of his or her abilities, educate clients and make them feel happy and secure. Clients must believe in their hearts that you genuinely Care for them, they are Safe in your professional hands and they can Trust you with their valuable assets.

After my 25 years of experience in dealing with customers and especially in Insurance industry, I discovered that all the client or customer service training we provide to our front end staff and CSRs is based on a retail customer experience model, which is also known as” transactional model”. The problem in this model is that it doesn’t fit in with the Insurance service environment where the basic product doesn’t necessarily change but client needs do evolve over time.
It’s very difficult to keep your clients happy and loyal with you for 10, 20 or even 30 years especially in today’s information age and technology. Thanks to google, now your client can drop you in few seconds, if she is not happy with your service.

That’s why I designed this course especially for Insurance brokers, CSRs and Agents to help you understand the dynamics of client service with regards to insurance industry and how to keep your clients happy and loyal where competition is tough and you clients have lots of choices available on their fingertips.


You will learn a systematic and proven system based on scientific research for client selection and evaluation.

Different stages in client cycle and how to identify them.

How to determine the LifeTime Value (LTV) of your client.

How to handle common customer complaints and handle angry clients.

Conflict resolution and how to find solutions instead of problem.

Psychological triggers and when to push them to get the results you want.

Understanding human emotions and needs and how to handle them.

How to keep your clients closer to you and protect them from competition.

Understanding your client needs, concerns and what makes them tick.

Knowing your’s and your client’s body language.

Over the phone & email techniques.

How to set your task priorities to have more satisfied clients.

How to setup efficient and productive service standards.

How to prevent yourself from a potential lawsuit or E&O situation.

Generate referrals from existing clients.

And more…


If you will start to implement the strategies discussed in the classroom, you will;

Be much more confident and knowledgeable in identifying and dealing with different types of clients and know how to serve them accordingly.

You will face angry or upset clients confidently and resolve their issues.

How to resolve conflicts and disagreements and present solutions.

Have in-depth knowledge about client psychology and emotional triggers and you will know how to use them effectively to help them.

Know how to serve clients going through personal life trauma, after an incident or an Insurance claim situation.

Be able to retain most of your good clients with you, instead of losing them to your competition.

Know how to setup your service standards to provide smooth and efficient client service.

Start to get more referrals from existing clients and gradually spending less time & money on advertising and promotions.

Notice a gradual increase in your revenue by retaining most of your good clients.

Start to follow safe practices to better protect yourself in case of any disagreement or a legal situation.

Be a successful broker or agent and start enjoying a lifestyle of comfort and richness, you always wanted for yourself and your family.


A full day of practical, hands on, focused learning and exploring the complete client service process from start to finish.

Includes continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments & supplies etc.

FREE:FREE 1 hour of personalized one on one coaching session with me at a mutually agreed time and date to discuss and resolve your Individual client service issues. ( Valued: $250.00)

Certificate of Achievement will be presented to each successful participant.


For all of the above, your one time investment will be $550.00 plus GST.


Register for BOTH the Sales Training & Client Service Training programs at the same time and you pay only
$890.00 plus GST for the entire 2 course package! (Normally $1,100)

That’s a saving of $210.00!

(For your convenience, we also offer a choice to pay in 2 easy installments within 30 days period, no extra charge.)


This one life-time Investment will;

Increase your client retention and loyalty.

Help you generate thousands of dollars in increased sales for repeat business.

Attract more new clients through referrals than wasting time and money on useless ads and marketing brochures.

Have more happy clients who will like you & stay with you, no matter what.

Stop losing clients to your competition.

Have proper systems in place to provide exceptional service to your clients consistently and regularly.

Provide a solid foundation for your business to grow and start enjoying a lifestyle of comfort and richness, you always wanted for yourself and your family.


In order to make it a more interactive and focused learning experience, I have decided to accept MAX. 8 applicants for this course, at this time.

We select applicants very carefully. The application process is intended to select only the highly committed and motivated individuals for this program, so they can take maximum benefit out of it. This qualifying process saves us valuable time and energy, only to be spend on the right candidate suitable for this program.

It is not our aim or intention to make profits or financial gains out of this program. The program fee barely covers our expenses, rent and time investment in developing and delivering this training program. I take it as my mission and personal contribution towards the insurance industry.

If we end up having more than 8 qualified applicants, we will select them based on “first come first serve basis” and rest of the approved applicants will be placed on a waitlist for the next session.