“I have known Ehsan for almost 13 years now. Over the years, he has trained and coached several of my new brokers and CSRs.
After their training with Ehsan, I always notice a remarkable improvement in their confidence and performance levels, finding
them highly motivated, productive and knowledgeable.

Ehsan’s Broker training program well prepared our brokers and CSR’s to function at a high level in their respective roles and instilled a detail
oriented approach which is fundamental to strong E&O protection and solid front line underwriting skills needed to excel in today’s
fast paced general insurance industry.

I highly recommend Ehsan’s Broker Training Program.”

Sheroo Hyder
President & CEO
Link Insurance Agency Ltd.



the secrets to become a successful General Insurance broker and start enjoying the rich lifestyle you always dreamed for yourself and your family.


straightforward, practical and to the point instruction, without wasting time in bookish and theoretical stuff. Be business ready in days NOT in months or years and start making money right away.


chasing and shadowing your seniors for answers and take control of your career and your future.


insider knowledge, wisdom & proven techniques based on nearly 50 years of combined experience of my Mentors and myself that every successful and rich broker uses, but no one will tell you about them.

As a result of poor risk underwriting combined with adverse climate changes, your loss ratios are skyrocketing, making it difficult to sustain and remain viable as a broker.

You or your brokerage is under threat to be cancelled by the insurance companies or already being cancelled by some insurers. Are you losing markets to place your business?

You are scared of the news that broker contracts being cancelled at an alarming pace and wonder if you are next on the chopping board?

Frustrated as your loss ratios are increasing every year and you just couldn’t figure out how to control them and what steps to take to improve your profitability?

Are you frustrated, irritated and just tired of chasing and asking questions from your senior colleagues, underwriters or managers and you don’t get a straight answer from them?

Your employer don’t have the time or resources to train you properly and they expect you to be a “self starter” or “figure it out” yourself?

You were never trained properly on how to underwrite the risk and what questions to ask from your prospects before you could provide them with the right insurance product, they actually need?

Do you sometimes wonder as why your competitors are keep getting your clients and they are more busy and prosperous than you?

Want to know the techniques on how to interview your prospects and dig out the information, that you need, to offer them the right product?

No one ever trained you, how to properly and accurately complete your Auto & Home application forms, do change requests and add endorsements with supporting documents to avoid any future headaches, legal issues or potential lawsuits?

You are a new broker owner, running a franchise office or self-employed working independently on commissions, own your own book of business, but not sure how to be more productive and stay viable in this business?

You are not sure how to interact and build trust with your partner Insurance companies, principals and underwriters to win favors, when you need them the most.

If answer to any of the above questions is in Yes, then you need this training program. I will not only address all of the above concerns but also give you practical solutions to implement right away to save your career and business.

Please keep on reading…


I have trained many new general insurance brokers over the years, some were fresh out of college and some became broker as a career change. Few of them were in the insurance industry for a while but never received a proper training on how to become a true professional broker.
What I found common in all of my students including myself, when I started my career, that how difficult it was for all of us to comprehend and fully understand the practical side of being a broker or agent, on our own.

New brokers or agents have theoretical, book knowledge but lacked real world experience, which is the fundamental requirement to have a successful and rewarding career. It takes a new comer at least 2 years on average to figure out just the basics of the broker business, on their own. A lot of time is wasted in chasing their colleagues , learning all the systems, taking additional very expensive and time consuming courses, shadowing and observing etc.

After carefully reviewing the entire learning process that a new broker has to go through, I decided to design series of courses especially for new brokers to save them time and money.

These courses are based on my extensive experience in the industry, wisdom and knowledge passed on to me from my mentors and senior experts, in the last decade or so.

It was not an easy task. It took me almost 2 years to prepare the most comprehensive and in-depth training course series to cover 3 major areas of being a successful General Insurance Broker:

  • Insurance broker training program with basic technical & operational knowledge
  • Insurance sales training program
  • Client service training program



This is a unique program of it’s kind which covers the basic insurance training for new general insurance brokers to do their day to day business without going too deep in to the technical side of the insurance. Just the right amount of information and knowledge you need to do business on daily basis.

Of course, no training program is complete without the participant’s input and hard work. That’s why it is expected from you that you will also do your part to study the technical side of insurance on your own as well, and complete your homework assignments given to you during the course of this program.

This Program consists of 5 full days of practical, hands on, complete Immersion training for new or newer general Insurance brokers on how to become a really successful and professional personal lines, General Insurance broker and stay successful until you retire.

This program is developed & designed by a practicing General Insurance broker who;

  • Has depth knowledge,skill, expertise and understanding of the broker business.
  • Knows what it takes to be a broker because I have been in the trenches day in day out for the last 13 plus years. I deal with clients, servicing, selling and resolving issues on daily basis.
  • Has current and most up to date information, and in depth knowledge to share with you, which you will not find anywhere else.
  • Knows exactly what and how much you need to know in order to have a successful career and what information you don’t need. You shouldn’t be wasting your time, energy & resources on something you will never use or will not be helpful to build your career.
  • Offers you to the point, focused and practical training program without any B.S or irrelevant information to confuse or detrack you from your goal.

The main objective of this program is to make you business ready in a shortest possible time and equip you with the tools and techniques necessary to Jump start your career.


“As a newcomer to the insurance industry, I didn’t know anything about being an insurance broker. I really needed an in-depth training to understand the Insurance Industry inside out and the business of being a general Insurance broker.

The Insurance broker training program provided me exactly what I needed. Ehsan is a great trainer and a mentor. He taught me A to Z of being a broker and answered all my questions in a logical and to the point manner.
After completing this course, I felt a lot more confident and knowledgeable. I experienced a marked increase in my performance. I started to write more business, more confidently and professionally than I have ever imagined.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is planning to step into the insurance industry as a broker. You will be equipped with the best of the best knowledge and your transition into the industry will be a lot smoother and faster”

Venus Tathgur
Insurance Advisor.
Link Insurance Agency Ltd


Currently this program is only offered in Calgary, Alberta in a classroom format.

However, individual or group corporate training can be arranged in & out of Calgary area subject to Ehsan’s availability. It is highly recommended to book your training appointment at least 60 days in advance.


Must hold an entry Level General Insurance Broker Licence.

This program may NOT be for you if;


  • You are working as a full time General Insurance broker for more than 4 years.
  • You are not highly committed to work as a full time General Insurance Broker.
  • You are either a part-time broker or your main source of income is being an investment / life insurance broker but you use General insurance as an additional product to attract or support your existing life insurance business.


Simple, straightforward, practical and to the point instruction without wasting time in too deep, bookish and technical stuff, to make you Business ready in days not in months or years, so that you can start making money right away!

To understand the inner dynamics and workings of being a professional Broker.

Deeper understanding of the Insurance industry and how it operates.

How to read industry trends and successfully forecast and take proactive measures to position your yourself in the market by staying ahead of the game.

Future of Personal lines insurance and how to prepare yourself for the future.

The true art & science of being a general Insurance broker and become a successful broker regardless of market conditions.

How to lower your losses ( loss ratios) on your book of business, stay profitable and avoid being cancelled by your insurer partners.

How to read, interpret your performance reports and how to take corrective measures.

Personal development and Product knowledge to become successful.

Personal organizational skills and techniques to make your daily workflow, smooth and easy.

Understand the quoting process and how to interview your prospects to dig out the maximum information to help you offer the right advice and right product.

How to do frontline underwriting to qualify the risk and prospect.

How to properly & accurately complete your Personal Auto & Property application forms, Change requests etc. with supporting documents.

Understand the reasons behind different questions asked on the application forms and how to answer them properly.

To read and interpret driver abstract and Insurance history reports and determine the driving records.

How to insure motorhomes, trailers and mobile homes etc.

To insure motorcycles and other recreational vehicles and risks to avoid.

How to properly insure Home, Tenants, Condominiums, rented and seasonal properties.

To properly insure high end lifestyle properties.

How to underwrite property risks including different types of construction, building materials, age of the property, updates, location etc.

How to do home insurance quotes, complete property evaluation reports and things to watch out for while insuring high end homes.

To protect yourself from possible lawsuits, Errors & omission situations that may arise in the future due to negligence or overlooking the possible outcome.

What things to watch out for while reviewing the risk and offering solutions to your clients.

Risk assessment, evaluation and assignment to the appropriate markets.

How to determine your prospect’s insurance needs.

And much more…


5 days (weekends only) of full immersion, hands on & interactive training on exploring the art of being a General insurance broker and make you Business ready.

Includes continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and supplies etc.

FREE: FREE: 1 hour of personalized one on one coaching session with me at a mutually agreed time and date to discuss your Individual business related challenges or concerns (Valued:$250.00)

Certificate of Achievement will be presented to each successful participant.

“If you think Education is expensive, try Ignorance”



The regular cost of this course is $1650.00 + GST in a group or class format but I have decided to cut down the fee to make it more affordable for new brokers like you. I know it is financially tough when you are just starting your career because I was there and I can feel what you are going through.
That’s why as a one time, introductory offer, I am offering a $400.00 discount on the entire package . Your investment in the program beside your valuable time will be $1250.00 plus GST.

Which includes;

5 days (weekends) of full immersion, practical & interactive training.

Includes continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, supplies etc.

FREE: 1 hour of personalized one on one coaching session with me at a mutually agreed time and date to discuss your Individual business related challenges and concerns.(Valued: $250.00)

Make every sale like a piece of cake for you to handle,and no objections will be hard to handle.

Certificate of Achievement will be presented to each successful participant.


$1250.00 plus GST is a limited, one time introductory offer for new brokers.

(For your convenience, we also offer a choice to pay in 2 easy installments within 30 days period, no extra charge.)


If you register in all 3 programs Broker Training, Client Service Training and Sales Training as a one time offer, we can offer you a package discount of $360.00.

The actual cost of all three courses, if enrolled separately is $2350.00 plus GST – But Your total cost of the entire 3 course package will be $1990.00 plus GST.

(For your convenience, we also offer a choice to pay in 2 easy installments within 30 days period, no extra charge)


This one life-time Investment will;

Transform you into a productive, rich & successful broker for life.

You will save your business and career from being cancelled by your insurers due to high loss ratios and learn how to keep your losses down and profits high.

Increase your sales volume to thousands of dollars by becoming more knowledgeable, confident, skillful broker and start writing more new business.

As you know time is more precious than money. You will be saving hundreds or even thousands of wasted hours looking for information by shadowing or chasing your colleagues for answers.

Spend more time quoting and writing new business than sitting on the fence watching others to take your business away because “ you aren’t ready yet”.
Protect yourself & your career from being sued by clients or disciplinary actions by taking the appropriate steps, and actions ahead of time.

Learn the true art & science of being a professional general Insurance broker and stay successful & safe until you retire.


CHOICE IS YOURS, whether to follow the slow route of waiting for years to learn by making costly mistakes, follow your colleagues, friends or employer’s and learn in bits and pieces and wasting hundreds of hours of valuable time and potentially thousands of dollars in lost Business because you are “not yet ready” to write business.


Make a one time investment and join the program to learn the time tested, proven systems and techniques to be a professional broker in just 5 days.
Save your valuable time and money and start writing business, right away..

After completing this program, you will become a professional Broker equipped with practical knowledge and techniques which you can start implementing immediately without any further delay. Start enjoying your career and life, you always wanted!


In order to make it a more interactive and focused learning experience, I have decided to accept MAX. 8 applicants for this course, at this time.

We select applicants very carefully. The application process is intended to select only the highly committed and motivated individuals for this program, so they can take maximum benefit out of it. This qualifying process saves us valuable time and energy, only to be spend on the right candidate suitable for this program.

It is not our aim or intention to make profits or financial gains out of this program. The program fee barely covers our expenses, rent and time investment in developing and delivering this training program. I take it as my mission and personal contribution towards the insurance industry.

If we end up having more than 8 qualified applicants, we will select them based on “first come first serve basis”. and rest of the approved applicants will be placed on a waitlist for the next session.