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Ehsan Rasul has specialized in training new or newer brokers, who want to achieve a life long rich and successful career.

Ehsan regularly arranges, in person training classes for new and newer brokers in Calgary, Alberta.
However, individual or group corporate training can be arranged in & out of Calgary area subject to Ehsan’s availability.
It is highly recommended to book your training schedule at least 60 days in advance.

To schedule an appointment with Ehsan you can email us at: [email protected]

Over the last few years, I have personally trained and mentored many new general insurance brokers and helped them jump start their life long successful and rewarding careers.

I have enjoyed tremendous success in my Insurance Career being a broker and managed and grew multi-million dollars businesses. Thanks to my great mentors and trainers who guided and trained me for success, right from the start.

Over 25 years of experience is retail and corporate sales and out of which I have worked almost 13 years as an insurance broker to date. This gave me an unprecedented wealth of knowledge and expertise that I can share with brokers and agents like you to make you successful in your career.

I teach what I practice. I eat my own cooking . I am not one of those trainers or coaches who never worked as a broker or may have worked for a short while and teach most of the theoretical stuff that you can easily find in any insurance textbook. I am sure you have studied a lot of theory when you passed your General Insurance Licensing exams.

I am not against theory, I do teach basic theory as a part of my broker training program because it gives us valuable information and technical know how to practice our profession, which is crucial.
Why waste your time and energy going through training programs , If you will learn the same information which is easily available in traditional insurance books .

My main emphasis is on the practical side of the business. My training programs are based on real life experiences, safe practices and wisdom imparted to me by my mentors and industry experts. It’s the real world experience and wisdom that will keep you safe and make you successful in this business.

“I will train you to become a successful business owner and a leader with a vision to foresee the future.”

Being a General Insurance broker is my passion and that’s the reason I am still working as a broker day in day out, in the trenches, dealing with hundreds of clients face to face, by phone, email on daily basis. I help my clients to resolve their day to day Insurance related issues and provide solutions. I face challenges and convert them into opportunities.

I know your concerns and challenges you are facing right now and I can offer practical solutions to resolve them.

What I teach is practical, to the point, no B.S, straight forward knowledge, tips and techniques that no one will tell you, and you will not find them in any text book. It will take you years to learn on your own, paying with your costly mistakes.

I am against reinventing the wheel. If you can benefit from my knowledge and experience, instead of hit & trial method, why not save your time, money and resources. Make sense? On average, it takes new broker or agent in personal lines ( Home & Auto) approx. 2 years, (depending on the business environment he or she is in) by traditional way of shadowing, chasing senior brokers for answers, system training etc. but this doesn’t have to be that way.

“The training system I have designed can make you business ready in days not years.
I know the path I travelled to get where I am today.

I can help you to achieve your dreams faster without wasting your valuable time, energy and resources. If you read my Bio, you will know how I got here, facing the same frustrations and problems you may be facing right now”

My mission is to:

Train, coach and guide new Brokers like you who are either just starting their careers or have been in the industry for few years but never got the opportunity to train properly by their employers.

Help you achieve your full potential with a comprehensive, practical and to the point knowledge, implementable right away, so you can start writing business and making money.

Help you jump start your career in days, not in months or years.

Build your career on solid foundation & time tested principles right from the start.

Reach Business owners like you (small or midsize brokers), if you don’t have the time or resources to train newly hired brokers or customer service agents, I can work with you and train your staff in few days so they can start writing business, helping clients and become productive without any delay.


We do not offer proprietary software training for the individual insurance company portals or broker management systems like Power Broker or Agency Manager etc. It is very time consuming and doesn’t fit with our current training model. You have to arrange software training for your employees with respective insurance companies.

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