You have passed your General Insurance Licence Exam and got your Agent licence. You are excited to start your new career as personal lines broker or agent. You even found an entry level Job,  but wait…

Your employer don’t have the time or resources to train you. They expect that you should know your technical stuff since you are a licenced agent, put you in front of the computer, show you the software how to Quote, few clicks here & there, and you are good to go, on your own. 

You don’t know how to properly fill out application forms, what endorsements to add, how to process requests, how to open & close the sale, and how to provide exceptional client service to retain clients and get referrals.

You are wondering where to start, You are confused and don’t know how to Interview your prospects, what questions to ask to explore your prospect’s needs, how to underwrite and evaluate the risk. How to offer coverages and explain them to your prospect or client. what optional but important coverages to add on the policy. 

Now you chase your senior brokers or managers, asking questions and need help, but everyone is so busy in their own job, they don’t have time to help you. You get frustrated and don’t know how to handle and process requests, either you will give up, or continue to learn from your costly mistakes over time and lose your precious time and money. You will drag for years, on your career path before you could even start making money for yourself and your employer.

Remember, getting your General Insurance Licence is the first step on a long journey to become a successful insurance broker or agent. It takes a lot of learning, knowledge and experience to become a successful broker or Agent and have a lifelong career.

Your second most important step is to start your career on the right track with proper training and coaching to become a successful broker, without wasting your valuable time, money and resources. Start enjoying the rich life style and career you always wanted, sooner!













Over the last few years, I have trained and mentored many new or less experienced personal lines insurance brokers and helped them jump start their life long, successful and rewarding careers.

I have enjoyed tremendous success in my Insurance Career being a broker and managed and grew multi-million dollars businesses. Thanks to my great mentors and trainers who guided and trained me for success, right from the start.

Over 25 years of experience is retail and corporate sales and out of which I have worked almost 14 years as an insurance broker to date. This gave me an unprecedented wealth of knowledge and expertise that I can share with brokers and agents like you to make you successful in your career.

I teach what I practice. I eat my own cooking . I am not one of those trainers or coaches who never worked as a broker or may have worked for a short time and teach most of the theoretical stuff that you can easily find in any insurance textbook. I am sure you have studied a lot of theory when you passed your General Insurance Licensing exams.

My main emphasis is on the practical side of the business. My mission is to train and educate you based on real life experiences, front line underwriting secrets, safe practices, practical and proven Sales and Client Services techniques imparted to me by my mentors and industry experts from their years of experience and knowledge. It’s the real world experience and wisdom that will keep you safe and make you successful as a broker or agent.

“You can read text books,Google and find information, but you cannot Google knowledge and Wisdom. It only comes through years of dedicated hard work, training and lessons learnt from your mistakes”. 

I will train you to become a successful Personal lines broker and agent with the practical knowledge, skills and wisdom, I learned from my own experiences and from my Mentors, who were best in the industry and dedicated their entire lives to this profession.

Being a General Insurance broker is my passion and that’s the reason I am still working as a broker day in day out, in the trenches, dealing with hundreds of clients face to face, by phone, email on daily basis. I help my clients to resolve their day to day Insurance related issues and provide solutions. I face challenges and convert them into opportunities.

I will teach you the extract of same knowledge and experience that took me 14 years to learn through a constant learning process day in day out, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and start producing your desired results without wasting any time.

I know your concerns and challenges you are facing right now as a new broker, because I was there once myself. I can help you to face them with practical, to the point solutions, tips and techniques, which no one will tell you because they are too busy to solve their own problems. 



  • To stop wasting your hundreds of hours of valuable time, thousands of dollars in wasted money in terms of lost business or failure to secure potential clients and their referrals because your lack of knowledge and skill to secure business.
  • Learn by hit & trial is full of dangerous sinkholes , which can swallow your job and potentially your career if you are not aware of your actions. Legal situations, Law suites , error & omissions situations, where you can be trapped.
  • If you know where you are going, and know the route well, your journey becomes easier and faster. If you don’t know how to get to your destination and which route to take, you will be lost in the side trails.
  • You will learn the complete package and cover potentially all aspects of General Insurance business including sales, how to open and close the sale, client services and how to select and retain good clients and generate referrals.
  • To start making commissions sooner and increase your earning potential manifolds in a short period of time, if acted upon instructions accordingly.
  • Launch your successful career sooner without waiting for help from your colleagues or senior management.  


My mission is to:

Train, coach and guide new Brokers and agents like you, who are just starting their careers or have been in the industry for few years but never got the opportunity to train properly by their employers.

Help you achieve your full potential with a comprehensive, practical and to the point knowledge, implementable right away, so you can start writing business and making money, immediately.

Help you jump start your career in days, not in months or years.

Build your career on solid foundation & time tested principles right from the start, so you can raise the tall building of your career on it.

Reach out to Business owners like you (small or midsize brokers), if you don’t have the time or resources to train your newly hired brokers or customer service agents, I can work with you and train your staff in few days so they can start writing business, helping clients and become productive without any delay.


We do not offer proprietary software training for the individual insurance company portals or broker management systems like Power Broker or Agency Manager etc. It is very time consuming and doesn’t fit with our current training model.

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